While I’m feeling guilty about air travel, I guess the oil companies are feeling twinges of guilt, too. At least that’s what you would think, at the airport or reading the major financial papers. Chevron, Shell, and BP (British Petroleum) are all engaged in ‘peak oil’ PR, and it’s simply amazing to see. Greenwashing, according to critics at Postcarbon.org, but it seems to me that if oil companies are splashing statistics across the walls of airports the situation is grave enough that lots of people can be persuaded that we need to shift gears, and live differently.

Chevron’s campaign is called “Will you join us?” Myself, I doubt that the transformational leadership we need will come from Big Oil. But it hasn’t come, effectively, from Greens, and I welcome these campaigns both because they do raise awareness, and because they may actually mean that there are people in power with the sense, and courage, to recognize the problems we face.

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