This is a good description of what I see sometimes, the retreat from reality to the screen (first, second, sometimes even third). What interests me most is why? What are we retreating from, and seeking? Sure this is happening, our behavior is changing, because we have the means in our hands. Companies are profiting hugely from the shift. But what is it that we’re after, as we peer into that tiny bright rectangle? What am I after, writing here?

Because we know that we can always get on Facebook, or tweet or text, the very manner in which we are interacting in the physical world has changed. We are less engaged and less committed, less dependent upon this moment of being together for our sense of connection and emotional nourishment. Physical interaction has become an impediment to our engaging with technology. We have to hurry up and finish with the people in front of us so that we can get back to tweeting and texting to people who are somewhere else. The system has flipped: People are now the distraction and our on-line world, the main stage.

via Nancy Colier: Virtual Community: Can We Survive It?.

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