I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put in a plug for yoga here. I’m lucky: I can walk from the office to Berkshire Mountain Yoga, and then walk home under the just-past-full moon. Tonight I had to bring a pair of snowpants to put on after class because the temperature is fast sinking below zero F. again. Low-tech anywhere exercise is certainly part of eco living, but yoga’s got so much going for it beyond firm upper arms. Yoga–and similar physical training practices–matters because it puts us in our bodies, and our bodies are where we connect with the physical world. If you’re like me, dealing with a hectic professional job, you probably lose sight of everything but that computer screen and telephone. Settle down on a mat. Stand in the Tree posture and feel your feet rooting into the floor, grounding you in a particular place and moment. Do a twist and feel your ribs lift and separate, the tissue around your spine pop with relief. I find that this internal movement and realignment, along with the sweat and heat, brings me back to solid ground. And that’s no to mention the multitude of other benefits: stronger bones, improved mood, better digestion. There’s no need for glam gear, in spite of the catalogues that keep pouring in. But a cute well-fitting outfit is a nice boost when you’re struggling with that first downward dog pose!

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