I drive very little, as little as I can, but I have discovered one great thing about time behind a wheel: listening to audio books. I have always said I preferred to read on the page, and audio books seemed slow. The recent discovery is that classic books I’ve read before are fresh and different when read aloud. Pride & Prejudice was one, and I’m now listening to The Mill on the Floss and realizing just how funny George Eliot is. I did not grasp her humor before, while now I find myself laughing uproariously. I do not get similar pleasure from the radio, though of course driving is crucial to NPR, unfortunately. I was alerted to this one day by the lake, when I was talking to Alan Chartock who runs the WAMC NPR station. That’s a conundrum to consider when thinking about a switch to public transport.

karen christensen's corona typewriter on t s eliot's desk

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