I happened to pick up a copy of Audubon magazine over the weekend. I admit that I’d thought of it as rather dull, a publication for retirees with too many pets and obsessed about animal protection above all other environmental concerns. But I was wrong. It was full of beautifully written articles about a wide range of ecological issues, with a strong science and ecology focus which fits well with my current work on sustainability. I happened to read an essay about fog that was so good I called my daughter Rachel to read a bit to her.

There were some fascinating little asides, too, that weren’t the usual obvious or trivial tips. One referred to research about the environmental effects of divorce, and another explained that human hair is the very best material for cleaning up oil spills–in a completely ecological process, or cycle. The hair is made into mats that mop up the oil, and the oil-soaked mats can in turn be composted. Salons are asked to donate hair to the program. I’ve already written the two salons I use to suggest this, and I hope you’ll do the same.

And here’s a PDF of the research about divorce.

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