Black Friday to Green Christmas

I had a call this week from a reporter at the Daily Mail in London who wants to interview me about having an ethical, green Christmas. I laughed at the irony of calling the day after Thanksgiving, usually the last Friday in November, Black Friday. It's the day Christmas shopping supposedly begins, and there are sales to attract people to the big box stores at 5am (in the UK, this kind of thing takes place during the January sales, I think). "US shoppers rush to Black Friday" The simplest way [...]

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Reusable teabags

I've been on the run and didn't make it to the food coop today for the tea tasting. But my marketing assistant Margaux did, and came back with tales of wonderful teas and also a hemp tea bag that you refill with loose tea. It was especially nice because it's open and light, not a drawstring, so I suspect it's very fast-drying. Here's a box of hemp teabags that sound like the ones Margaux bought, and I promise to try to get to the next tasting to report.

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Green remodeling

I came across a terrific new book the other day, at a lovely new bookshop called the Stocbridge Bookseller, which has a considerable selection of green titles. The book is called Green Remodeling, Chaging the World One Room at a Time. It's written by a Boulder-based professional green builder David Johnston. This means it's geared more to substantial remodeling projects, the kind you're likely to need a professional for, but there's plenty of advice that can be used by the DIY (Do It Yourself) home remodeler. My husband David and [...]

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Freecycle, recycle

I love word-of-mouth, and I start to believe in something when my kids forward it to me. Rachel (16) just sent me this notice about Freecycle, which I may have mentioned before. But it was then at the suggestion of my 40-something brother. Forwarded: Hi guys, my friend showed me this, and I wanted to spread it around, because it's so much better than throwing stuff away, and it's freeeee!! enjoy and tell your friends! Forwarded: My dad showed me this. Its such a good idea!!!!! And it's even made [...]

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Waste not

I just read an article about how much food we waste. According to a BBC study, "the average British household throws out ?420 of food a year," which apparently means that 33% of the food we buy is wasted. I've often looked at all the fresh vegetables for sale, things that require peeling and cleaning and cutting up, and wondered how much of what people virtuously buy actually gets eaten--given that almost none of the people I know seem to cook at all. And my own family wastes far more [...]

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Recycling obsession

I'm quite compulsive about recycling, so I findn it hard when I travel. I simply hate throwing apple and banana skins into the waste bin--going to a landfill instead of fertilizing the soil--so there've been many occasions when I've sneaked out of the motel to tuck our scraps under a bush. Second best is flushing: that's what I do with coffee grounds. But this compulsion got me into one of the most embarrassing experiences of my whole life. We were living, early one spring, in a B&B here in Great [...]

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