T. S. Eliot and Berkshire Publishing

A year ago I wrote one of my monthly e-letters about how I've moved between literature and science, and I'm glad now, as I revisit the Eliot story after the death of Valerie Eliot, that I recorded some ideas about my work on the Eliot letters and about the "two cultures." I was quoted in a number of articles last week:

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Remembering Valerie Eliot

I learned about Valerie Eliot's death before the news went out on the wire services yesterday because an acute reporter at The Times (that is, The Times of London) found my 2005 article about the Eliot Letters and emailed me (proving how easy I am to locate). He introduced himself as a science reporter who happened to be working on Sunday and mentioned "the two cultures," which immediately warmed my heart. I'm a literary person who has ended up doing a lot with science, so the idea of having a [...]

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Science lesson

We literary types, not to mention the social scientists I spend so much of my professional life with, are not particularly au fait with the latest in scientific research, but I've always had an affection for physicists, and spent quite a lot of time with them in college. I even wrote a long article about the Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB, interviewing Lee Smolin who has gone on to write some fascinating books. I thought I would share an article my son sent me yesterday from Discover magazine: The [...]

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Who’s counting?

We're in week three of preparing the first issue of the Berkshire Savant, which began as a few articles to liven up our first catalog and soon morphed into a full-fledged magazine, complete with celebrity authors (Robert Bellah, Simon Winchester), how-to sidebars ("Protect Your Identity," an article about identity theft by expert Anna Sabasteanski, editor of the forthcoming Patterns of Global Terrorism), and games. Richard Charkin told me about the sudoku craze in the UK so we've decided to introduce it to the library world. All the more appropriate then, [...]

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