Hop Stop

Just as there are reasons we grab a fast-food meal instead of making lentil soup or a vegetable stir-fry, there are reasons we jump into the car instead of using public transport. Every life choice requires us to balance a variety of demands, desires, and practical limitations. That's why those of us promoting change need to lower the barriers to entry. We shouldn't talk as if we require total conversion to the cause, but make it clear that we welcome and appreciate everything that's done to reduce carbon emissions, for [...]

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First jobs of spring

Two important things accomplished today: Two garden beds prepped and planted--thanks to Tom and Rachel, who have taken to lecturing me on global warming and the wastefulness of grainfed meat--with Asian salad and stir-fry greensand a mix of early radishes,* arugula, and some chicory seed we brought from Italy two years ago. I highly recommend all these things for ease, and taste. If you're new to gardening, there are few simpler things that to sprinkle seeds like these across a bed, rake in lightly, and leave to grow. We could [...]

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Business travel

"Flights that produce the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions, use solar energy, have efficient waste management and show sensitive handling of local employment have all entered the equation when companies negotiate deals with preferred travel suppliers." If I had read that sentence in isolation, I would have guessed that it came from some wildly over-optimistic Green magazine editor who thinks they can spur people to positive action by making things up. But I would have been wrong. The sentence comes from coverage of the G8 summit in Scotland in--take a [...]

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