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I’ve been in California all week, driving and in meetings, and falling into bed at night. I have a travel yoga mat and CDs, too, but I just wasn’t getting to it. This morning I looked on the web and to my astonishment there was an Iyengar studio only blocks from my motel; even better, one of the directors is someone whose book on back care I bought a couple years ago. She wasn’t teaching today but I had a wonderful class with Ruth Owen (this was at the California [...]

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Starting small

Some solutions are so easy and cheap that the question is why they aren

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Your house or mine?

We did our first full-fledged home exchange last weekend, and it worked beautifully. Our exchange family have a house in Boston and were interested in a long weekend in the Berkshires. They contacted me through a website we

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Greening your library (or office)

I'm at the American Library Association conference in Boston (visit my company's website to see what we're launching--our slogan is 'Thinking Globally'!), talking to librarians about what they can do to green their libraries and become environmental learning centers in their communities. Public libraries are vital social centers, and should be part of all community endeavors to make the world a better place! I remember how much libraries were involved in the first Green Book Fortnight, a major book promotion in the UK where I got my start in this [...]

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