“Hidden Wives” & #thanksfortyping in the TLS

Details from my article “Hidden Wives, Hidden Lives” was picked up by the Times Literary Supplement a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed reading the TLS writer’s additions - including Robert Caro’s note about his wife, Ina Caro. In fact, a colleague had suggested I include the Caros in my piece, mentioning that Ina Caro had gone so far as to wear gingham dresses and make jelly with Texas hill country women to get them to talk to her husband about Lyndon Johnson. The Acknowledgments page is a familiar part of [...]

Interview with Beyond the Book podcast about #Thanksfortyping

­­I just received a copy of The Author magazine, published by the UK Society of Authors, with my article “Hidden Wives, Hidden Lives,” and checked the proofs for a longer article on the same topic coming out in Logos, Brill's “Journal of the World Publishing Community.” But more immediate – and more fun, perhaps – is a podcast interview with a host I’ve always enjoyed working with, Chris Keneally. Beyond the Book is produced by the Copyright Clearance Center, and it’s really well done. Chris was in the game early [...]

Thanks for Typing, University of Oxford, March 2019

Girl power. Right before the London Book Fair, a friend gave me a pair of ankle socks that read, “Mother fucking girl power.” A little too cool for the likes of me but they certainly were fitting, given that I had just come from Thanks for Typing: Wives, Daughters, Mothers, and Other Women behind Famous Men, a two-day conference held at the History Faculty, University of Oxford. Thanks for Typing (#thanks4typing) opened with an erudite paper on medieval illustrators and illuminators, and the first PowerPoint slide showed medieval illustration [...]

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Letter from Oxford: Wives, Daughters, Mothers, and Other Women behind Famous Men

It’s International Women’s Day and I am at the History Faculty in Oxford, at Thanks for Typing: Wives, Daughters, Mothers, and Other Women behind Famous Men, a conference at the University of Oxford organized by Wolfson College. Here’s the conference background: “When a series of tweets with #ThanksForTyping hashtag appeared in 2017, picking brief references to wives’ assistance from the acknowledgement sections of academic works, these tweets went viral. They demonstrated that even in the 20th century wives of male academics, who did significant work towards their husbands’ research and publications, rarely [...]

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