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People, places, and projects that help us understand the challenge of sustainability. While I focus on environmental sustainability, there’s plenty here about social and economic issues, too.

The greenest places on earth

I suppose Great Barrington, the small New England town where I run Berkshire Publishing, might be said to qualify as one of the greenest places on earth. Not only because it is so beautifully, lushly, abundantly green right now, but because it's in the heart of the only region on the planet that has been reforested over the last century or so. I was stunned by this when I first moved to New England in 1991. England, where I'd lived till then, is of course a "green and pleasant land." [...]

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A festive New York launch for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China

I'm on my way to New York for a remarkable "Berkshire" event tomorrow: a China celebration in New York on May Day that brings the renowned author Simon Winchester, a resident of the Berkshires and a friend of Berkshire Publishing, to a lunch hosted by Jones Day and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. Here's the invitation. More about the synchronicities tomorrow -- along with photographs! We are pleased to invite you to a luncheon program to hear renowned author, journalist, and broadcaster Simon Winchester discuss his latest book, The [...]

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The inside word — behind the scenes at Berkshire Publishing

Here's an e-mail (or email -- the difference being the subject of yet another editorial conversation!) exchange between senior editor Mary Bagg and project coordinator Bill Siever, both veterans of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, and one of our copy editors. This discussion will give some insight into the details we handle here, and the care and good humor that go into getting our articles into shape for publication. Hi all, I know you've been waiting all day for the skinny on "however vs but": (Karen, considering we think alike [...]

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Sustainable publishing at Berkshire–and elsewhere

If Richard Charkin says it, it's probably good sense, good business, and controversial. The issue of book returns is virtually unknown to the book-buying public, and it isn't much of an issue in the reference book publishing sector, at least for Berkshire, but it's a huge business problem with considerable environmental impact. Nice to see some movement on this, thanks to Borders and Robert Miller, president and publisher of HarperStudio. Here's an article, "An End to Book Returns?." No surprise that Richard is quoted, pointing out that New Zealand, a [...]

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Greener PCs

I have a feeling that I'm going to learn a lot about "greenwashing" -- and premium pricing -- as I dive into the Encyclopedia of Sustainability determined to make Berkshire Publishing greener. What's great is seeing how much good information there is around. Here's an article about greener business travel, which took me to a less than beautiful but nonetheless confidence-inspiring site for the EPEAT™ program. EPEAT is the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, "a system to help purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop [...]

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Berkshire staffers on their bikes

Finally, I'm getting this photo, taken before the snow and cold, uploaded to show our valiant editorial staff, Bill Siever and Chris Gauthier, setting off for home. Apparently Bill would think of cross-country skiing to work if there were a route. We're moving into new territory, in these energy- and cost-conscious times. I'm now looking at solar panels for home and office.

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