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People, places, and projects that help us understand the challenge of sustainability. While I focus on environmental sustainability, there’s plenty here about social and economic issues, too.

Don’t Call Me A Green Consumer

It was the early 1990s and “green” was going corporate. A book called The Green Consumer Guide had become a bestseller in the UK. I lived in London and my first book had just been published; Americans would turn up now and then to nose around. Debra Lyn Dadd, who wrote about nontoxic living, came to see me. Jeffrey Hollander, who had just founded a company called Seventh Generation, and came to get advice, I guess, though I don’t remember giving him any. He was worried about whether the company [...]

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A Smaller Circle

I have wanted to use this story about the ducks in Boulder creek for years, and doing so in a UK magazine called Resurgence/Ecologist really brought things full circle. I was living in Boulder when I was asked to write the only other thing I

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Hurricane Sandy and a place to call home

The need for "a place to call home" has been on my mind for many years, since the day I realized that I would have to leave London but didn't have anywhere else on earth that I could call home. I resolved that my children's lives would be different, and I settled in a small town in New England. This didn't work out as I hoped, and I have mixed feelings about whether Great Barrington is "home" for me, but our house here certainly is home for my wayfaring children, [...]

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