Living dangerously

I have a lot to write about, but I really can't do it today because my arms are so sore. My arms, legs, back, you name it. This is proof that, as the saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for. Back in November I was in London rushing between conference and meetings and also finalizing articles for the current issue of Against the Grain (which I guest-edited). One of those final pieces was a Q&A personal profile to go with my own article, "Social Media Simplified." There's [...]

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Knowledge propagation: can we learn from nature?

Not long ago I was idling away an evening with the 2003 Heronswood Nursery catalog. This is a famous catalog that no longer exists (nor does the nursery, as of May, when new owners W. Atlee Burpee & Co. closed it), and I'm sorry I threw away the other issues I had. They're probably collectors' items already, but with no ISBN, and no real title or author, how can I locate them at I have found other nurseries with interesting ranges and funky websites, and the truth is that [...]

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Home to Yoga5

It's time to write something about one of the things that keeps me sane and healthy: astanga yoga at a new studio in Great Barrington, Yoga5. I stumbled into this kind of yoga when I got back from the London Book Fair in March, and through a series of coincidences found myself at Yoga5 just as it got started. Jonas Zev Amberger had moved here from Vermont and set up shop in a big building on "The Flats" south of town, gathering a group of rather obsessed yoga practioners who'd [...]

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I didn’t make it to Wikimania

It was a glorious weekend in the Berkshires--bright blue skies, cool breezes, and clean green scents. But it was a mixed-up weekend, too. I was almost ready to set off for Boston on Saturday morning, to speak on a panel at Wikimania, when I realized that I haven't driven more than a short distance since early May, before I sprained my ankle the first day of the SIIA Summit in San Francisco. A three-hour drive each way did not seem prudent, with my ankle still sore after almost any special [...]

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