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Being Neighborly

Some interesting, thoughtful posts about neighborliness at this blog. But I wish the author's tone wasn't quite so strident about copyright - I don't suppose there are as many people as she thinks out to steal her prose. I'm all for copyright, naturally, as a publisher and author - but let's lighten up. Good practice in neighborly relationships, too, don't you think? In this age of texting and Skyping, email and Facebook, we have what I call the illusion of connection, but I believe many people crave deeper connections with [...]

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Carolling brings back sense of community

Nice bit of reporting on a neighborhood that is reviving its tradition of Christmas carolling. I like the idea of that the organizers were looking for a "way to get people out of their homes and into the street." Carolling brings back sense of community. Our community ties tend to break down this time of year in a tourist area like the Berkshires - Great Barrington is swarming with visitors and second-home owners, and of course many people who live here travel to be with family elsewhere. Shopping becomes a [...]

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Neighborly exchanges via the Web

The exchanges detailed in this article in the New York Times involve money, which is frowned upon by some who think everything neighborly should be given away free. But barter as well as monetary exchange i's traditional neighborhood behavior. Hiring the neighbor's kid to mow the lawn or babysit, buying eggs from someone up the hill. In fact, small-scale interdependence like this does build a sense of community. The sites mentioned include

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Virtual farm games: dangerous community

Online addiction worse when game brings "a sense of community." And while WoW differs from these social-farming games, in Van Cleave's opinion, they're not all that different. "In my mind, these games pose a bigger problem, because of that sense of community and belonging that they bring. Those are the games that are the most addictive," he said.via Virtual farm games absorb real money, real lives | Web Crawler - CNET News. I guess this is the real-world issue with cults, too, and sometimes with religion. The world

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Dogs aren

Pets are all too important in some people's lives, and as real-life community ties decline it seems that more people are getting dogs. I wanted to see what research there is about this, and was glad to find a rational discussion at a site for dog lovers - a dog blog. The writer says that of course it's obvious that pets cannot satisfy our need for human companionship and community. So why do some dog owners insist that their pets are "just like people" or "just like family"? . . [...]

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Rural revival: Effingham, IL

I remember hearing from Sonya Solomon that Illinois had a lot of interest in rural revival, and here a program that is trying to address directly the demise of a sense of community: Stewardson villagers are looking to mimic the success of other small towns in the area, such as Dieterich and neighboring Strasburg, in revitalizing their community. The village has been struggling economically, and according to residents, has lost its sense of community. So, villagers are looking for ways to make it vital in the future. In order to [...]

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