Say Hello To 5 Strangers Today

Here's a blog post from "One Green Generation" about community building that offers a specific suggestion: Say Hello To 5 Strangers Today. I've pasted part of the post and a few of the comments here. The consistent point, as you'll see, is that we have lost a sense of community that used to exist as a part of daily life. I agree that we can make a difference by changing how we behave in small ways (I've been experimenting, and will write about that soon), and there are regional and [...]

“Only connect. . .” – Howards End by E M Forster

I found an old copy of Howards End on my bookshelves after reading a reference to its epigram, "Only connect. . ." Connecting is on my mind, working on this project and on my company's, and of course in life, too. I remembered the green paperback amongst my myriad books, poetry and novels from my student days that I somehow got to England after college and to the East Coast when I returned to the States ten years' later. I began reading, was immediately engaged by the amusing opening [...]

‘Cash-Mob’ Creates Movie-Like Fairy Tale for Family Behind Ohio Hardware Store – ABC News

The town I live in ("some of the time," my neighbors might say) is known for efforts to promote local businesses as part of a sustainable regional economy. I've written about them and will be writing more. When I came across this article, which mentions the "sense of community," I wondered if such a thing could happen in Great Barrington. And I wondered if the good feeling that motivated the "mob" shoppers would keep them coming back, again and again. While Black has been fending media calls, Shutts and her [...]

Being Neighborly

Some interesting, thoughtful posts about neighborliness at this blog. But I wish the author's tone wasn't quite so strident about copyright - I don't suppose there are as many people as she thinks out to steal her prose. I'm all for copyright, naturally, as a publisher and author - but let's lighten up. Good practice in neighborly relationships, too, don't you think? In this age of texting and Skyping, email and Facebook, we have what I call the illusion of connection, but I believe many people crave deeper connections with [...]