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Growing up in a small town

I came to Great Barrington because I wanted my two children "to be from somewhere." There are many times I have told myself what a mistake that was, that I chose the wrong place, that I should have stayed in London, or moved on when I realized how alien I felt here, knowing that that was bound to affect them. But maybe it's worked out, in spite of me. Here's something I wrote for the book, and below it is what happened yesterday: Unlike my family in the Silicon Valley [...]

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This world of ours…

I'm not sure quite how I came across this. Was it a link from another China blog, or was I searching for uses of the phrase "this world of ours," the title of our new series at Berkshire Publishing? In any case, it's another example of the kind of questioning that inspires A Smaller Circle. The link is here. On a Train in China

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Elsewhere Communities

Thanks to @ethan (Ethan Zuckerman) for link to this editorial in the Stabroek News, a paper in Guyana (a nation on the northern coast of South America): "Elsewhere Communities." An impressively literary editorial, but I'm not sure there's an argument that holds - or even an argument being made. Kenner was talking about imagination, and transformational creativity, not just about talking to people who are different from us. That's important, too, and Global Voices is trying to do something worthwhile, but it isn't about the Elsewhere Community, but about bringing [...]

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My last year in London

At the office we've been editing some TV interviews I did 20 years ago, when I was a young mum in London, and new author of one of the first books about green living. My daughter Rachel, who is graduating from college, was then a chubby newborn who modeled cloth nappies for my interviews and photo shoots. I asked whether she minded our posting the clips on YouTube. "If you don't mind being laughed at," she said. It's my English accent she finds most ridiculous, but she says the hair [...]

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Searching, and searching

I stumble into most of the good things in my life. This happens in spite of my being a compulsive list-maker since I was 12, and one of those people who can

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