The Jade Emperor's stone fish

As I prepare for a few quiet days at the beach (weather reports bode well) before returning to Beijing for 10 days and then a slew of events in late September, I realize that I haven't posted the story of the Jade Emperor's stone fish and our outing to Tanzhe-Shi, a temple west of Beijing, in June. That little adventure ends up as part of the preface to a book, The Good Library Manual, we're publishing next week, and I'd like to explain why. I suggested the trip to Tanzhe-Shi [...]

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My days with SIIA

I'm sketching out new ventures for Berkshire Publishing, which means digging through old notes. I came across this e-mail from Ed Keating, VP of the Content Division at the Software & Information Industry Association, which I kept with my business plans because it makes me smile and reminds me of what really counts, and of the wonderful friendships we develop in our professional lives. My couple of years on the SIIA board were terrific. Perhaps sometime soon I'll have time to get involved again. I still want to bring the [...]

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A frivolous sign lover

I may not be clued in to pop culture, but I do pay attention to wacky bumperstickers and strange names. I was in the so-sedate state of Wisconsin last weekend and noticed these places along the highway, a little before the Cheese Castle: 7 Mile Motel Dead End Saloon Don't names like that belong in Nevada or Montana? And a trio of bumperstickers that would look right at home in Massachusetts: "God is too big to fit into any one religion" "Where is the FUN in fundamentalism?" "I support the [...]

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Why don’t we change our ways?

I have never been a professional environmental, paid a salary to do something to save the planet. I've made a little money writing about it and that's about it. I am still very much a pleb, an amateur. And I have always intended to stay that way, because that's the only way to understand the perspective of all the regular people whose efforts are needed to change things, really. It won't be the professionals (though they can help) and it won't be the politicians (till they're pushed). It will be [...]

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Yuppie environmentalism

I've been accused sometimes of being too cheerful an environmental writer, not nearly doom-and-gloom enough to get people to turn from their wasteful ways. I believe, yes, that's it's better to do something than to do nothing. But to claim that it's easy and cheap to solve the problems caused by driving, as does the TerraPass website, "Prevent global warming, reduce carbon dioxide pollution, promote alternative energy", strikes me as Pollyannaish, at best. Venture capital looking for a way to turn a profit, at worst.

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Family time in an English village

I had planned to go to the Online meeting in London this week, and to do my usual racing around London to talk up new projects, but in the end I spent the whole time in the country with what I can only describe as my English family, the family of my oldest friend from early days in London, just after college. Many things have happened since the summer day when she took me to meet her family at her younger brother’s school sports day. The boys’ regular uniform consisted [...]

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