Praise from Lester Brown is praise indeed!

"The Armchair Environmentalist is filled with wisdom for those who want to live an environmentally responsible life. For example, simply saying no to bottled water will save energy and measurably reduce carbon emissions. Karen Christensen has incorporated more environmental advice in this crisp, tightly written volume than in anything I've seen to date."--Lester R. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute and author of Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. I met Les Brown, founder of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington DC and one of the [...]

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Organic Style is dead, long live organic gardening

Who would have thought? I certainly thought Organic Style was healthy enough (though a little garish, like a slightly over-the-top potted plant). But Rodale's cancelled it, and if you click to subscribe you got straight to the old-time standard bearer, Organic Gardening. People ask me about magazines quite often, because they want something frequent and fresh to supplement The Armchair Environmentalist. I have toyed with the idea of a magazine or newsletter, especially something that could be developed internationally. But that's an expensive business, and risky it would seem. So [...]

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Green books

Publishing does a lot of good: promoting global understanding, sharing knowledge, providing low-impact entertainment, supporting education and lifelong learning. But it also requires a lot of paper, much of which is sourced from unsustainably managed forest. Greenpeace has launched a campaign to promote sustainable publishing practices, and as a result The Armchair Environmentalist is one of the first books in the UK to be printed on 100% recycled paper, and I'm delighted of course. "Greenpeace is urging UK publishers to follow the example of Canadian publishers, 35 of whom, including [...]

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Armchair Environmentalist features on BBC News

On Saturday 23 October, 2004, MQP's new book The Armchair Environmentalist was the focus of a three-minute video on BBC Breakfast news. The item, by reporter Phillipa Young, was also shown on the hour throughout the day on the BBC 24 digital news channel. If you have windows media player or real player you should be able to watch the BBC news item on the armchair environmentalist by clicking on the link at Watch clip The link is on the right hand side of the page. (only available to UK [...]

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The Observer: “Have more sex” says The Armchair Environmentalist

Save the world in three minutes a day Juliette Jowit, environment editor Sunday October 17, 2004 The Observer Read article It will come as a relief to the millions of Britons who worry about the environment but aren't quite sure what to do about it - it is time take off the hair shirt and stop fretting that it's all a little overwhelming. A new book offers a hopeful 'three minute-a-day action plan to save the world'. Aimed at busy people, or the simply lazy, The Armchair Environmentalist is based [...]

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