Sweet romance

I'm not crazy about people who give advice then tell you to check with your doctor, your therapist, and your gas station attendant before trying it. But I received an email yesterday asking about advice on "green sex" in my previous book, Eco Living, and I thought I'd try to answer it here. Given the topic, I do need to say that you should check with your doctor or medical professional before trying this, a new form of contraception. One of the nicest things that ever happened to me was [...]

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London life

I haven't noticed anyone wearing a mask this trip. Sometimes you see bicyclists in cities wearing white masks, which certainly makes sense given the air quality on London streets. I never did, myself, when I cycled here. There are many cyclists in London and especially in Oxford, which is great. The physical benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the effects of breathing car exhaust - and in fact people in cars breathe air that is just as polluted. But I talked to a taxi driver last night who said he [...]

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Try being a Tree

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to put in a plug for yoga here. I'm lucky: I can walk from the office to Berkshire Mountain Yoga, and then walk home under the just-past-full moon. Tonight I had to bring a pair of snowpants to put on after class because the temperature is fast sinking below zero F. again. Low-tech anywhere exercise is certainly part of eco living, but yoga's got so much going for it beyond firm upper arms. Yoga--and similar physical training practices--matters because it puts [...]

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Out of the Armchair

I haven’t exactly been rushing into the subject of fitness here, so you’d probably never guess that The Armchair Environmentalist is a sports enthusiast (and even the coeditor of the huge new Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, out in April 2005). While I don’t have anywhere near enough time in an armchair, I haven’t been outdoors and exercising as much as I’d like because I’ve had an injury, something called plantar fasciitis since July. For a while I could barely walk, and actually – confession time! – had to have [...]

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