environmental studies

A third way with biotechnology

It always amuses me that corporations would tell us to trust them, as if they were priests or surgeons instead of merchants, hawking their goods as best they can. They talk as though their leadership role model is Mother Teresa instead of Henry Ford. They want to feed the developing world, right? Rice with Vitamin A, that life-transforming grain developed by the philanthropists at Monsanto. What they carefully ignore, and Greens don

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Global warning

The newspaper I picked up in London this morning announced that global climate change, or global warming, is now thought likely to be twice as bad as previously projected. This came from an article published in the very respectable scientific journal Nature, and got quite a lot of press in Britain (along with the woman arrested for driving while eating an apple). What are we going to do about it? I'm in Rome, having flown here in a airplane that made a heavy contribution to greenhouse gases, and a food [...]

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Environmental studies, lesson 1

I remember one year when spring came far too early in London, daffodils and forsythia started to open in January. Environmental issues were getting a lot of attention in the press, and people were confused.

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