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The Company Town –

A new book called The Company Store is reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, presumably given space (something that's now in very short supply because of the demise of so many review sections) because it is a history of American business. But the book sounds like more than that, relevant to today's debates about corporate social responsibility and to proposals for reduced commuting times.

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My days with SIIA

I'm sketching out new ventures for Berkshire Publishing, which means digging through old notes. I came across this e-mail from Ed Keating, VP of the Content Division at the Software & Information Industry Association, which I kept with my business plans because it makes me smile and reminds me of what really counts, and of the wonderful friendships we develop in our professional lives. My couple of years on the SIIA board were terrific. Perhaps sometime soon I'll have time to get involved again. I still want to bring the [...]

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Arts, business, and a history of community boosterism

Reading, via Twitter, Boston Globe article about Pittsfield and the arts and then ReimagineRural blog commentary about the piece made me think of our article on boosterism, an old tradition that is alive and well in the Berkshire Hills. I've been here long enough to be skeptical about sustainable revival of a non-tourist economy here (and, frankly, the Berkshires have had a tourist economy for 150 years, so it can probably continue in some form, no matter what), even though I happily run a business here that has nothing whatsoever [...]

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