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Facial recognition and the boundaries of community

Community is a key concept in much that we do, and I’m always puzzling over it, both in terms of how it works in our personal lives and on the local level, and especially as we explore online community building and social media. We talk about “community” a lot here, and it’s actually a respectable term in the office (rather than what some like to call “crunchy granola”) because of the Encyclopedia of Community. I would never have thought that the subject I had been studying and writing about for [...]

February 28th, 2007|Categories: Oddments|Tags: , , |

My new London neighborhood

Until last year, Camberwell, in south London, was my London neighborhood. I used to stay with friends and see other former neighbors and I could even wander into the Greek shop on Camberwell Church Street and have the owners ask how my kids were (after 10 years!). But my friends are divorcing, and I’ve become enamoured with staying in central London at the Goodenough Club. As I’ve written before, this is the first part of London I knew, because my first publishing job was here. I started as a summer [...]

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