Homesick for London

Every morning in Massachusetts, I make a pot of tea. Black and white china decorated with the names of English foods (“Fresh Milk & Jersey Cream” says my milk jug), tea cosy covered in a flowery print, tray I bought at John Lewis. And strong Assam to drink. Some days, I make myself a slice of crisp toast spread with Marmite. I left London over 25 years ago, with two preschool children, to find a better life in a small town, in the country where I was born. But on [...]

Another “nation whose sense of community is disappearing”

The loss of a sense of community is by no means a British problem--it's a global challenge. This article makes me more appreciative than ever of "my" London neighborhood, Camberwell, where I frequently dropped in on people, and where I, years later,

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