Cheese and China

On the panel yesterday, here at Buying & Selling E-Content in Scottsdale, we were asked about the biggest challenge related to blogging. I think I said something about time, which is a real issue for all reasonably dedicated bloggers. After having made various other confessions, including the fact that I am terrified by the power of community and tremble before I hit Send on some mailings because I know our wonderful authors will flood me with contacts and new ideas, I managed to keep my mouth shut about one blogging [...]

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Bob Nylen’s memoir announced

A dear friend and colleague and western Massachusetts resident, Bob Nylen, has just signed a book deal with Random House. Here's what Publishers Weekly has to say: Kurt Andersen, who took on an editor-at-large role at Random House in June, has acquired an untitled memoir by media entrepreneur Bob Nylen via David McCormick, who sold North American rights. Andersen, who will edit the book, likens it to Dave Eggers's A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius for the boomer generation, also describing the work as a meditation on American male "toughness." [...]

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Sense and sensibility

I spent most of today at a Chinese climate change symposium, with many speakers and a ton of information on initiatives in construction and car manufacture. Did you know that China uses 40% of the world's cement each year? I will get back to Beijing news tomorrow; tonight, some literary thoughts. The conflict between sense and sensibility is the theme of one of Jane Austen’s novels, and I was thinking about it this week after rereading one of my favorite passages from all of Lewis Mumford’s writings. Well, from those [...]

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