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Cold weather skincare

I adore certain of the more expensive natural skin care products. Like many people who do yoga and shop at whole food markets, I use Dr. Hauschka

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Simply Salt

Over the weekend I was catching up - well, not catching up at all, but trying to get a little less behind. I found a couple of old-fashioned Mason jars and filled one with epsom salts and the other with plain old kosher salt. As simple (and cheap) as you can get in the world of beauty products, and I found myself thinking that I should put this in the blog. But, I said to myself, what good is using salt going to do, really? Will this help save the [...]

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A Hot Bath on a Cold Sunday

No, not soup or bread, but homemade bath oil, made from kitchen cupboard ingredients: Egg-Cream Bath Oil 1 whole egg 1/2 cup sesame oil (or another vegetable oil; note: this is light sesame oil from the wholefood store, not the dark kind used to season Chinese food!) 1 Tbsp washing-up liquid 2 Tbsp rubbing alcohol (or vodka if you prefer - this is a preservative and helps disperse the bath oil) 1/4 cup milk 1/4 tsp orange or lemon extract (or favorite essential oil or perfume) Beat egg and sesame [...]

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