Sustainability requires a new sense of community

I’m writing an article about “Community” for the final volume of my company’s Encyclopedia of Sustainability. The volume is called The Future of Sustainability so I have to explain the future of community and how that relates to sustainability. I’m summing up years of reading and pondering and fretting over how these two things relate, and was remembering my brief words about community at the end of Eco Living, published in 2000, several years before I became the creator and editor of the Encyclopedia of Community (Sage 2003). Here the [...]

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Keeping Cool tips – we’re looking for more ideas from other places

I don't have air-conditioning in my house, my company's offices have no A/C, and quite a number of our friends and family members and neighbors live without A/C, too, along with most people in the world. This is a fine thing in terms of the environment, and in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts hardly heroic. But these last few days of heat have made us think about extreme weather conditions and how to manage without A/C. I found a short "keeping cool" list in one of my early books, [...]

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The time of our lives

The opening chapter of my first book was about time, not the most obvious aspect of "home ecology." A book called Time Wars had just been published and I was fascinated by it, and very much conscious of time shortage in my own life. But looking back on this in 2012 I am astonished by the fact that I read Time Wars (and really read, front to back) and many other books then, far more than I read now. I can't help wondering if the time I now spend on [...]

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I have no right to be holier than thou and have never claimed to be a perfect when it comes to household matters, but I was a bit shocked by this story comparing Al Gore's home to George W. Bush's house in Texas. The excellent Urban Legends site,, says it's true:

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Arctic votes

I can’t do better than copy here an email from Beryl Bender Birch about the Arctic Refuge. Unfortunately I’ve deleted her first message, which was full of the kind of righteous indignation that strikes all of us at times, and which should strike more of us more often. But you can find out all you need to know on this with a quick search online (try this). And here’s Beryl*: Hi Everyone, Thank you sooooooo much for writing back to my email on the Arctic national Wildlife Reserver. Sorry, but [...]

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