Honey isn’t just an alternative spermicide (see “honey cap” post) but is being experimented with as a way to deal with superbugs in hospitals, according to “Sticky solution: Honey may help in the battle against superbugs,” an article that appeared in the Economist last year:

Research in Australia and New Zealand suggests that honey heals because it attacks bacteria in several different ways at once. Because honey is composed of saturated sugars, it sucks up water, depriving bacteria of the liquid they need to survive and multiply. As bees make honey they secrete glucoseoxidase, an enzyme that releases the bleach hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with wound liquids. The low-level but frequent release of this chemical ensures regular anti-bacterial washes of the wound.

Although honey is not about to usurp antibiotics, Dr Simon thinks it should be brought back into conventional medicine

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