I’m not crazy about people who give advice then tell you to check with your doctor, your therapist, and your gas station attendant before trying it. But I received an email yesterday asking about advice on “green sex” in my previous book, Eco Living, and I thought I’d try to answer it here. Given the topic, I do need to say that you should check with your doctor or medical professional before trying this, a new form of contraception. One of the nicest things that ever happened to me was a letter from a reader who said she was naming her baby after me, but I don’t plan to be responsible for babies coming into the world!

What I mentioned in Eco Living was a special diaphram used with honey as the spermicide. I heard about this from a doctor I knew in London, and the idea intrigued me. But I spoke to the doctor who was using these with her patients, and she didn’t want me to give her name, or quote her. But a quick Google search shows that you can easily get information on this undoubtedly natural and nontoxic method of birth control. Just search for “honey cap contraception.” And comments from anyone who uses a honey cap are welcome, either her or to my email address.

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