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Home Ecology: Making Your World a Better Place was published in London when I was 31, with a 3-month-old baby and a toddler. The book was a surprise bestseller thanks to its being chosen one of Britain’s Top 20 Green Books in a national promotion sponsored by The Observer. You can see the time I was interviewed on national television  while changing my baby’s nappy – a truly terrible first media experience! You can read about the financial disaster I suffered as a result of threats from the law firm representing McDonalds in what became the infamous McLibel case, when the US hamburger chain McDonalds spent vast sums attacking UK environmentalists in a way that was impossible in the US.

The PDF eBook of the 1989 book is available free at Berkshire Publishing’s website. Click here to order at $0.00 by adding the eBook to your cart.

A wholesome loaf

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We’re not the first people to need a better daily bread. A loaf  that is 100% whole grain and suitable for both toast and sandwiches. A loaf that is anyone can make, easily. As World [...]