Jane’s Walk, at last

One of the Marc Jacobs shops on Bleecker Street I pulled out the articles I wrote for the WestView News after a meeting in Great Barrington to plan a Jane's Walk in "The Hill" neighborhood. I was surprised to see that I'd started the first of them with a little about Jane's Walks - obviously an idea that's been at the back of my mind for a long while. Here's information about our Jane's Walk 2024. Less Marc Jacobs, More Jane Jacobs January 2011, WestView News By Karen Christensen [...]

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Carolling brings back sense of community

Nice bit of reporting on a neighborhood that is reviving its tradition of Christmas carolling. I like the idea of that the organizers were looking for a "way to get people out of their homes and into the street." Carolling brings back sense of community. Our community ties tend to break down this time of year in a tourist area like the Berkshires - Great Barrington is swarming with visitors and second-home owners, and of course many people who live here travel to be with family elsewhere. Shopping becomes a [...]

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The Company Town – WSJ.com

A new book called The Company Store is reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, presumably given space (something that's now in very short supply because of the demise of so many review sections) because it is a history of American business. But the book sounds like more than that, relevant to today's debates about corporate social responsibility and to proposals for reduced commuting times.

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