SupChina Women’s Conference

I went to the SupChina Women’s Conference in the hope of learning more about the challenges and differences in the lives of women working in the United States and China.     During many of the presentations, speakers referred to women in positive terms as the main household purchasers, without the caveat that this is the result of them bearing the major responsibility for household management (often in addition to working full-time outside of the home). People hype how women make most purchasing decisions without recognizing that this is not [...]

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Women’s Paths to Power

An extract from the chapter "Leading from the Fringes: Women’s Paths to Political Power" by Karen Christensen, published in Women & Leadership: History, Theories, and Case Studies edited by George R. Goethals and Crystal A. Hoyt of the Jepson Leadership Academy, University of Richmond (Berkshire 2017). A link to the PDF of the full chapter is provided below. A common English-language expression is that “behind every great man there’s a woman.” These women have been largely invisible, praised for their self-effacement and their tolerance of the sometimes less-than-admirable behavior of their great men. [...]

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Early, early springtime in Manhattan: a walk in Battery Park

I feel guilty when I take my phone out on a walk, and tell myself that "it's really just a camera." Taking photos like this one, taken yesterday along the Hudson at Battery Park, isn't something I'll give up. But as I walk I hear conversations, or halves of conversations, and find myself sad to think that maybe a quarter of the people        

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Whole-fruit marmalade

We often order a box of grapefruit at Christmas. I had opened the last jar of homemade marmalade in early December and it is also the season in Florida for Seville oranges, the ugly, bitter fruit that produces a delicious preserve. I’ve discovered that it improves with aging. That last jar I was finishing was five years old and had a deep, mellow bittersweetness. (Good marmalade is a balance of sweet, sour, and bitter.) The Orange Shop has a flat shipping rate and offered a much better price on four [...]

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I no longer feel guilty, or quite so guilty, about the electronic bits and pieces I need to do my job. I read about these batteries at a favorite review site, TheSweetHome.com, and bought them even though the review was a little out of date. I can charge AA and AAA batteries in this charger. Click here for the review.

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The 1st of July: Rain. Rain. Rain and thunder.

There's nothing like getting to a safe haven before the storm begins. It's even better when thunder is echoing through the hills, lightning is flashing, and there's a fresh pot of tea. My safe haven is a writing studio in the garden.

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