Local pricing, or How much will a New Yorker pay?

Cornstalks by front porch I went to Taft Farms yesterday because I love to decorate the porch with cornstalks, hokey as it is, and with those jewel-like bundles of red and gold Indian corn. I spotted a bunch of cornstalks leaning against the wall around the side of the building. No price, but I grabbed two bundles and carried them to the register. How much? I asked. Fifty dollars. Each one, said the young man in an emerald tshirt. Gimme a break. Where do you think Im from? [...]

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Another day on the AT

The first photo shows what I imagined the entire Appalachian Trail to look like. Not quite the manicured “Hiking Course” I saw in Japan, but something you might see in a park, at the far margins. There are bits of the AT like that but the second photo shows what is more typical around here, in the Berkshires: narrow, rocky, and usually going steeply up or steeply down. I’ve grown to like the really rocky sections, even if precipitous, because they are solid. Walking on loose rocks is [...]

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I make lists and I make resolutions. And I make them all the time, not just on December 31st.This summer I resolved to become a hiker

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