“Flights that produce the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions, use solar energy, have efficient waste management and show sensitive handling of local employment have all entered the equation when companies negotiate deals with preferred travel suppliers.”

If I had read that sentence in isolation, I would have guessed that it came from some wildly over-optimistic Green magazine editor who thinks they can spur people to positive action by making things up. But I would have been wrong. The sentence comes from coverage of the G8 summit in Scotland in–take a guess–the Financial Times. The article by Roger Bray, “Companies step up the pressure for greener business travel,” even includes a sidebar with tips.

Here’s one: “Introduce a carbon neutral policy: offset the impact of business trips by contributing to an organisation investing in projects that reduce the impact of emissions.” I’m writing a new business plan for Berkshire Publishing Group, my company, and definitely plan to incorporate these un-American notions as part of our plan for social and environmental responsibility.

Along with news that London’s been picked for the 2012 Olympics, this has made by day: environmental coverage like this in the FT!

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