I just wrote this embarrassing message to my neighborhood email list. I have lived in Great Barrington since 1992 and can’t believe I’ve never heard anyone mention a ban on Styrofoam, but I can’t remember seeing any Styrofoam around either. There was a storm of protest when cigarettes were banned in restaurants and I remember that clearly enough – and I remember all the packets of cigarettes I saw, with people’s hands resting lightly on top, when I went into a place frequented by old-timers. Here’s what I wrote to my neighbors:

Does anyone know about our ban on Styrofoam? I had no idea that GB was a role model in this as in other things, even though this is the kind of thing I am acutely aware of. I guess I just thought that stores and restaurants here had better taste than most. Is this common knowledge that had simply eluded me? In any case, I thought you all would like to see GB mentioned in a Boston Globe article (thanks to Eileen Mooney for the link).

Brookline Town Meeting bans Styrofoam coffee, takeout containers