I use Google Alerts a lot, for important colleagues and my publishing company’s star authors and editors, and also for a few phrases relevant to my research on community. No question that the phrase “search for community” brings up more results than “search for community” – and not surprisingly so, if you look at how and where “sense of community” is being used. I have been finding some great stories this way and am including the results here for just a few items I’ve received in the last few days. Notice that all these items focus on community in real life, not online. (Yes, I know that that distinction rubs some people the wrong way – “online is real, too” – but it’s what I’m sticking with for the moment.)

My Turn: Does Burlington School Board action reflect the will of city residents?
The plan proposed changes the entire city’s sense of community, neighborhoods, walking vs. busing to school and the general expectations involved in purchasing a home (the largest personal investment most families make) in every neighborhood in
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