Massachusetts has a “one-day, one-trial” system according to the lisping Chief Justice of the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court who did the video introduction we saw this morning. Maybe it wasn’t a lisp but an obscure upper-class accent — but I’ve never heard anything quite like it. ‘W’ where ‘r’ would normally be, which made the word juror an interesting one to try to imitate. But blogging afterwards, and after being released without having to sit on the single jury called in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, today, is hardly the same as writing posts during the course of a trial, or twittering from the jury box. A bit of lovely synchronicity, juries make the headlines in the New York Times online today, “Mistrial by iPhone: Juries’ Web Research Upends Trials.” I stopped for an Indian lunch after my release, then headed home to China Central. Actually, we’re starting to turn our attention to next releases, too, with the launch of the first volumes of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability not far behind publication of the Encyclopedia of China in a few weeks.