This is going to take some practice. It is weird to sit in one’s office talking to a computer screen, and what I need to do is make a screen with photos of some of my friends and colleagues and get that in front of me. I’ve read some advice about video blogging and everyone seems to praise the “raw quality” of unrehearsed video, but I not only want to look more polished but to be crisp and concise and interesting. At least I kept this to a strict two minutes. I have not had time to explore the possibilities of video editing yet, but that’ll be important and might make it easier to put something together, because I won’t be worrying about pauses and gaps and stumbles if I know I can cut them out. My intention is to get our BAOblog authors video blogging about their China research, so this experiment is for them, too.

What I talk about in this short video is a visit from Tim Ambler, a professor at the London Business School and co-author of Doing Business in China, moving on to Great Barrington pizza and then a little publishing history from the days when I worked at Blackwell Scientific in London.

I am still having trouble with the “embed” code – the embeded screen showed up in WordPress preview but nowhere else. But here’s the link.