I have become a Freecylist today – finally signing up for Freecycle.org so we can give away office furniture and miscellanea – and after exchanging e-mails with “Berkshire Tom,” the moderator of the western Massachusetts group, I got this note from him that he’s agreed to let me share with you. (Thanks, Tom! What a boon for a busy blogger, too, to have a ready-made post. Tomorrow I’ll post something from Denis Hayes, founder of Earth Day, so I’m in clover this week.)

I’m sure you are a very busy person, Karen. But
I can’t help myself.

I enjoyed the ‘profiles’ of some of your staff in
the About Us section.

I just had to answer the questions

How did you become a

Us frustrated writers with zero schooling adore
(are jealous of?) those who have turned wordsmithery into a paying career. Good

Which historical figure would you
most like to be, and why?

Today, it would be Shakespeare (or whoever the
writer actually was.. LOL) because I want people to quote me for the next 500
years, too.

If you could be any sports star, who
would you be, and why?

Without question, Joe DiMaggio. This lifelong Red
Sox fan stands in awe of the man not only for his substantial on-field
achievements but for his grace and class off the field as well. I am sure that
Marilyn was happiest in her years with Joe D.

What technological advancement
excites or scares you most?

Any technology that is used by government
to steal our privacy and humanity, whether it is a simple camera and microphone
or some nanotechnology-fueled robotic device. Lord, please don’t let
small-minded men manage our lives into bland