When I moved to Great Barrington in 1992, no one knew where it was. Now, it’s on national TV, on the Fox News program hosted by conservative Bill O’Reilly, described as “wind chime central” and as a touchy-feely James Taylor kind of place. I had no idea that our selectmen voted not to have holiday lights to save energy and help the environment, but I have to agree with O’Reilly’s producer that our selectboard is a smug group, and that there is a disconnect between local people and those who move up here from New York (even if they are not all “rich elitists”). Our own editor Marcy Ross appears, saying that she thought the war on Christmas was over. Here’s the show: “Global Warming vs. Christmas,” ‘Factor’ producer pays visit to Massachusetts town that voted to limit ‘holiday lights.’

BTW, the especially pompous selectman (yes, that’s what we call ’em here, even the women) is Tony Blair, “our Tony Blair,” as people like to say.