BPG staffers on Main StreetLeaving the office while it’s still light is such a treat, and the thermometer hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit today, so we’re really feeling the spring thaw. I happened to catch some of our team chatting on the street as they left work. From left to right: Erin Connor, Scott Eldridge, Liz Steffey, and Jenn Frederick.

Another sign of spring was having the first seedlings up in the lightbox in the basement. This box is the one piece of carpentry I’ve ever done, and it’s quite miraculous to be able to raise flats of plants when there’s still snow on the ground. I’ve got pansies started, and amazing Mexican plant with orange flowers that grows to six feet (I got the seeds from a plant outside Ward’s Nursery last year and have no idea what it’s called), and that swirly pale-green cauliflower you see at European markets–Liz was thrilled by it when we were in Frankfurt, so I’m growing enough seedlings to give her some for her first garden.