As we drove to


, I realized that there’d be a drastic change since I was last in the south: the yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbon-shaped magnets have almost disappeared. I was in
last year and virtually every car sported one, and many also had similar magnets with the stars-and-stripes and the words “God Bless



But I struggled to find a single one to photograph. What a clear signal of the change in heart that led to the election results: not that anyone is less concerned about the soldiers, but they do not support the war and want it to end.

I have been trying to imagine the feelings someone might have as they pulled off the magnet and threw it away. Symbolically, this would be like taking off a wedding ring. Necessary, sometimes, but painful and sad.

As we drove, we listened to the Rush Limbaugh radio show. (Limbaugh is a highly popular conservative talk show host, for those of you outside the country.) My first time, and it was the perfect moment. He said he felt “liberated,” having spent some much time and effort supporting unnamed people who weren’t able to do the job themselves. I couldn’t make out what he meant most of the time because he was so vague, but maybe for insiders it would have made some sense. The best moment was when he explained why he believed in conservatism, because it is “ultimately compassionate.” I think that’s what they said about the Inquisition, too.

And, no, this isn’t going to become a political blog. But it’s impossible at this moment not to comment.

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