Ourotherlives.jpgHalloween’s approaching, a wonderful occasion in New England. The tradition of harvest season decoration is alive and well, and in our neighborhood trick-or-treating retains a traditional feeling–though a lot of the kids seem to have been driven in from the surrounding hills, and we are always in a panic about having enough candy.

With that dressing up in prospect, it occurred to me that I never posted this photo from a Berkshire Publishing “Our Other Lives” day a few weeks ago. We dress so casually that there has also been talk about having a dress-up Friday, as offices in the city have casual Friday, and I’m sure we’ll be doing something for Halloween (with pumpkin doughnuts included, I hope).

I’m going to mix up names and let you figure out who’s who (double-click the photo for a larger view): Liz is a cyclist (and squash player), Marcy recently participated in a national fitness program in Washington DC, Scott is an Eagle Scout and assistant troop master, David loves to paint (walls), Karen gardens, Jenn is plays Ultimate Frisbee, and Rachel runs a fantasy role-playing website. Joe is wearing a racing jacket but the fact is he just happened to be wearing that. A party hat might have been the right attire for him!

We’re missing a few regulars here, and will try to get some more photos up for Halloween. Our website’s about to have new features, more RSS feeds, more about staff and associates, and a lot more about our contributing authors and editors. There will be photos, but probably not as colorful (or silly) as the ones from the team here in Great Barrington.

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