I’ll the traveling I’ve done of late (Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, home. Amsterdam, London, home. London, Frankfurt, London, and finally HOME) has an upside for some friends and family. I’ve discovered that they prefer me a little jetlagged.

Trevor wrote, in response to work enquiries and to the promise of English goodies for lunch today, “I’ll try to get in the morning as I know you’ll probably be fading a bit by afternoon (then again that MIGHT be a good thing for me).” This reminded me of Rachel’s comment a few days after I got home last time, as I sat on her bed talking. I’d brought her morning tea and instead of just leaving the tray I stayed to ask her about a few things. “Mummy, you’re getting over your jetlag,” she said, “and it’s driving me crazy. Do you think we could talk later?”

But I have returned with a cold. That should keep me low key for at least a couple days.