It’s offputting to be a “CEO blogger.” When I was interviewed by Rachel Konrad for the AP article on “Chiefs who blog,” she was startled when I said I post my posts myself. “Don’t you run them by Legal or R&D?” she asked. Not exactly.

It’s self-censorship that I’m most affected by. Should I admit that one of the first things I do when I get home from a business trip is bake bread? It’s true, but is it CEO behavior? Maybe in that new and better world we need to build! Anyhow, the fact is that having homemade bread in the bread box is something my familiy is used to, and making it is one of the ways I reground myself. It’s also garden clean-up season, and my autumn bulbs have started to arrive. Before going back to the office yesterday, I planted a patch of saffron crocuses, near a sunken boulder that I hope will provide some extra warmth (absorbed from the sun, of course) during the winter. Dirt under my fingernails: a good way to know that I am home.