Clothesrack.JPGThe energy crisis has become such a prominent subject in our house that I’ve had to ask that it not be brought up at meals–though this evening Tom did start talking about it over dessert (a cream cheese tart, by the way, topped with white currants from our garden and black raspberries from Taft Farms). Tom often makes me think afresh. “If you think about it, oil is a kind of soil. So we’re pumping another country’s soil into our cars.” He said that China was well aware of the importance of oil, moving to buy rights in Africa and to maintain control in Central Asia. I think about these things in simpler terms, about how we can shift our way of life away from fossil fuels. One important way is to cut our dependence on domestic electricity, and this time of year it’s easy to dry clothes outside. One website with lots about this is Laundry List, and here’s a photo showing how we dry clothes indoors, right above the washer-dryer. You don’t have to have lines outside; inside works well, too, and I love being able to hang small things as I take them out of the dryer.

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