I’ve heard a joke about the seasons in Vermont, that there’s winter and the Fourth of July. But the end of March has been balmy and everyone’s enjoying it (global warming or no). I’ve been making some visits in Vermont and New Hampshire, but hear that Jenn organized a frisbee game on the lawn behind Town Hall yesterday, and that there were nude male sunbathers on another building in town. An exciting day at Berkshire Publishing, and an interesting day for me, visiting YBP, the major academic library supplier based in a small town in New Hampshire. They were the first supplier we started working with, and they’ve always been helpful and collegial. The company’s full name is Yankee Book Peddler, and it’s fun to think of their tremendous reach today, distributing nationally and internationally, from a start in a town even smaller than Great Barrington.

The students in Hanover (Dartmouth College) were wearing shorts and sandals, though they may be back in ski jackets tomorrow (I talked to a woman Wednesday who had been skiing in Great Barrington). It’s going to be six weeks or more till the trees are in leaf, and we may well see another snowstorm or two. But this is a time when everyone agrees that we should seize the day.