I came across a terrific new book the other day, at a lovely new bookshop called the Stocbridge Bookseller, which has a considerable selection of green titles. The book is called Green Remodeling, Chaging the World One Room at a Time. It’s written by a Boulder-based professional green builder David Johnston. This means it’s geared more to substantial remodeling projects, the kind you’re likely to need a professional for, but there’s plenty of advice that can be used by the DIY (Do It Yourself) home remodeler.

My husband David and I are so totally absorbed these days in our publishing business that we don’t have big home projects on the immediate horizon, but with this fat guide to hand, even with the few small things we’ll want to do this year–some extra insulating, for example–will be easier with this book to hand.

We also want to plant a couple of trees in the autumn, one important way to save energy and increase comfort. Here are some tips from the US Department of Energy.