A favorite member of our advisory board is Mark Danderson, until recently the marketing director at New England Journal of Medicine. Mark is about to leave for Australia where he is joining Medicine Today as a partner, an exciting move for him but sad for us–having only recently got to know him, it seems a bit soon to see him leave Massachusetts.

He is, though, leaving Berkshire Publishing Group with a special tradition: wine and often cheese on Friday afternoons. Mark visited a couple months ago and we were talking about team building. “Well,” he said, “when I worked in Australia

[for Medicine Today], they had a very Australian way of doing that,” and went on to describe how everyone would gather at the end of the work week. We decided to try it, here in buttoned-up New England, and so far no one has complained and wanted to get back to formatting terrorism articles.

So, time to run, the wine is waiting!