Tomorrow is Earth Day 2005, and 35 years since the first Earth Day celebration. The original instigator, now known by the more sedate term founder, was Denis Hayes, who has, I’m happy to say, written this about The Armchair Environmentalist.

“Environmentalism involves the application of ecological values to human life–including each of our individual lives. This opportunity for personal action is uncommon in social movements. There is little for most of us to do on a personal level to end war, combat nuclear proliferation, or prevent torture. But, The Armchair Environmentalist demonstrates how we can enrich our lives, have fun, and save money while dramatically reducing our ecological footprint.”

Here are a few of the Earth Day events around the United States where The Armchair Environmentalist is being featured or raffled:

Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Botanical Garden Event
22 April: Earth Day Leadership Breakfast at the Carter Presidential Center
23 April: Earth Day Party in Midtown Atlanta.

Kansas City, Missouri
Bridging The Gap
23 April: Earth Day Walk 2005 and Earthfest located Shawnee Mission Park

Los Angeles, California
WorldFest Events
Produced in conjunction with Earth Day LA: Woodley Park, Van Nuys
Phone: 310-477-7887

San Diego, California
15 signed copies for the Earth Day VIP Earth Awards/Auction
San Diego EarthWorks
PO Box 9827
San Diego, CA 92169

San Francisco, California
World Environment Day 2005
San Francisco has been chosen as the city in which people and leaders from around the globe will congregate for World Environment Day 2005.

New York, NY