I can’t believe I missed this when it came out in October, and that I found it only because the lines were long at the food coop before the holiday weekend (today is Presidents’ Day, here in the US, and the radio hosts make terrible jokes about not being able to tell a lie, an ironic measure of a president these days). There is a loose network in the US of liberally minded people who are willing to look beyond the conventions of the left, the Democratic Party, and the new age. There’s a cool rationality in their criticisms of the overly rational left, and a refreshing willingness to face facts. Now I’ve just got to figure out where The Armchair Environmentalist fits in: “Death of Environmentalism“.

For some commentary, try these links:
Mark Hertsgaard
Living On Earth
And the authors’ own website, at the Breakthrough Institute. But don’t think the blog is a blog; it’s just a collection of articles about the report (come on, guys, keep up the debate!).