Over the weekend I was catching up – well, not catching up at all, but trying to get a little less behind. I found a couple of old-fashioned Mason jars and filled one with epsom salts and the other with plain old kosher salt. As simple (and cheap) as you can get in the world of beauty products, and I found myself thinking that I should put this in the blog. But, I said to myself, what good is using salt going to do, really? Will this help save the planet?

No, it won’t, by a long stretch. But what counts is the connections. Damage to the planet happens by a domino effect, and it’s little things we do that reorient our thinking, and can reorient our connection with the natural world.

(The epsom salts, by the way, are good for soaking tired feet or a tired, stressed body, and the kosher salt I mix with rose-scented almond oil to make a body scrub.)